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Functions of the WG to fight against COVID-19:

1. advise CCM on technical issues related to the development and implementation of the COVID-19 related programmes and projects,

2. being the CCM COVID-19 technical working group act as COVID-19 technical support capacity for the CCM in its relation with the Global Fund, PR and LFA,

3. draft the structure of the COVID-19 applications for the Global Fund funding rounds when mandated by CCM,

4. participate in the process of drafting the applications in the scopes of the national strategy in the field of regulating issues related to COVID-19 prevention and control,

5. participate in the evaluation and selection committees that are established by CCM,

6. participate in the oversight and M&E activities included in its annual plan by CCM,

7. undertake any other technical work to fight against COVID-19 that CCM delegates.