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Discussion of the Desk Review and the Human Rights Protection Plan by the Community, Rights and Gender working group

The meeting on the Desk Review of the Programmes Implemented by the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria in the Republic of Armenia according to the principles of the Community Engagement, Human Rights and Gender Equality working group and development of the Advocacy Plan took Place on February 1st.

The CRG working group presented the main results of the Desk Review. A brief reference was given to the main principles, objectives, the results and the procedure of performing the Review.

Further, the manager of the Global Fund Projects of the Ministry of Health of Republic of Armenia Hasmik Harutyunyan gave a brief presentation on the updates concerning the current grant cycle and visions of the programme in 2022.

Afterwards, while delivering a presentation on the Advocacy and Human Rights Protection Plan, it was mentioned that all the objectives and activities incorporated in the Plan are developed based on the suggestions and recommendations of the Desk Review. The Plan is open for the further recommendations and comments.

After each presentation the attendees addressed questions and had a discussion. The minute of the meeting is available here.