Jul 14, 2014

Oversight Body Meeting July 14, 2014


  • Republic of Armenia Country Coordinating Mechanism to fight HIV, tuberculosis and Malaria Oversight Body meeting, Minutes No. 1

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Republic of Armenia Country Coordinating Mechanism to fight HIV, tuberculosis and Malaria Oversight Body meeting

Minutes No. 1

Meeting venue: RA Ministry of Health

Meeting agenda: Assessment of reports of grant program “Health System Strengthening” and discovering issues.


  1. Anahit Papikyan, OSI Armenia
  2. Greta Khachatryan, Positive People Armenian Network NGO
  3. Victoria Avakova, UMCOR Armenia
  4. Lena Nanushyan, UNAIDS representative
  5. Arax Hovhannisyan, World Vision Armenia

Other participants

  1. Vardan Grigoryan, CCM secretary
  2. Marina Tiroyan, MOH GF PCT
  3. Anna Harutyunyan, MOH GF PCT

Meeting was organized in format of cooperative discussion to investigate the material provided by CCM secretariat.

In order to get clarifications regarding topic in agenda MOH GF Program Coordinating Team members Marina Tiroyan and Anna Harutyunyan were invited to participate to the meeting.

Lena Nanushyan asked about the timeline of the given targets and results of the performance.

Anna harutyunyan clarified that the data given is for 2013 year.

Viktoria Avakova noticed that program performance is target oriented and quality indicators are taken into account.

Anahit Papikyan expressed concern, that numbers of programs such as palliative care are discontinued after termination of grant.

Viktoria Avakova asked if external assessment in the framework of HSS grant was carried out.

Marina Tiroyan answered that external assessment has been carried out for the different components of the grant, but overall external assessment has not.

Lena Nanushyan suggested trying to understand if activities are being carried out matching the targets or not.

Arax Hovhannisyan suggested selecting an indicator in program and investigating it.

Lena Nanushyan noticed that with some targets there are no associated activities and suggested including that issue in discussion with PR.

Greta Khachatryan was interested if responsible persons are controlling that right people to get the needed services.

Vardan Grigoryan offered to organize a meeting with PR for further detailed clarifications.

Anahit Papikyan suggested segregating and discussing the indicators regarding palliative care, blood donors and TB drugs with the PR.

Viktoria Avakova asked CCM secretariat to provide SR reports regarding above mentioned indicators.

Anahit Papikyan suggested discussing the procurement/management and programmatic issues of those indicators with PR and SRs.

Lena Nanushyan offered to carry out a TB cabinet visit and right in place to try to understand the situation for example about quantity of necessary drugs stored.

Arax Hovhannisyan suggested inclusion in CCM regular meeting agenda the issue of continuity of programs through the means of government.

Viktoria Avakova suggested getting clarifications from PR if funded indicators of HSS grant are somehow helping the performance of non-funding indicators as well.

Lena Nanushyan offered to discuss with PR also the targets and results of 2013 year.

OB members decided to:

1. Ask CCM secretariat to provide additional information

• HSS SR programmatic reports regarding the palliative care of the patients, voluntary blood donors and TB drugs

• information about activities carried out by SR in above mentioned spheres

• Standard operating procedure drug tracing form

2. Ask CCM secretariat to organize a meetings with PR and one SR.