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CCM TB Working Group Meeting, May 8, 2014

Protocol N 1 of the CCM TB working group, technical partners and people affected by the disease

Chairman: Armen Hayrapetyan, NTPCO manager


  1. Marjik Hovhannisyan, NTPCO
  2. Zara Khudoyan, ARCS
  3. Naira Khachatryan, MSF France
  4. Sayful Qayyum, MSF France
  5. Ashot Stepanyan, MSF France
  6. Annabelle Djeribi, MSF France
  7. Tamara Hachyan, Affected by TB
  8. Gayane Ghukasyan, WHO Armenia office
  9. Lusine Kocharyan, MOH, dept of public health
  10. Vardan Grigoryan, CCM secretary
  11. Kristine Khachatryan, MOH GF PCT
  12. Lilit Khachatryan, MOH GF PCT
  13. Mariam Davtyan, Affected by TB
  14. Diana Petrosyan, MOH GF PCT
  15. Hasmik Harutyunyan, MOH GF PCT
  16. Armen Hayrapetyan, NTPCO
  17. Harutyun Papazyan, Affected by TB
  18. Armida Zakharyan, NTPCO
  19. Karapet Davtyan, NTPCO

1. Armen Hayrapetyan welcomed the participants, thanked for the attendance and asked to introduce themselves.

2. Hasmik Harutyunyan introduced the purpose of this meeting being the initiation of the CN development process under the NFM of the GF and the critical importance of country dialogue under the NFM.

3. Diana Petrosyan, presented the stages of the CN development (workplan) and the preparatory actions already undertaken, and the format and sections of the CN.

4. Gayane Ghukasyan asked about possible participation of the GF representatives in the WHO NTP review mission of July and specified the mission dates—July 17-24, 2014.

5. Hasmik Harutyunyan promised to inform the stakeholders later on this.

6. Lilit Khachatryan presented the updated and reviewed by WHO National Startegic plan of 2014-2015.

7. Gayane Ghukasyan asked to circulate the final version of the update once again as some slight changes may be necessary in light of the recently signed contract with USAID on technical assistance on TB by WHO.

8. Harutyun Papazyan advised to expand awareness raising activities among general population/vulnerable population groups about TB based on his disease experience. He said that he had received thorough information on only TB after he was diagnosed, while he had been experiencing symptoms long before it was revealed at routine check-up carried out because of his specialty (works in police dept). He mentioned that he, as a regular person would have recognized the signs of the disease he would have been examined and so treated earlier.

9. His opinion was supported by the two other participants affected by the disease- Mariam Davtyan and Tamara Hachyan.

10. Mariam Davtyan further commented that special rooms for occupation/recreation—reading, etc should be created in TB in-patient settings as the patients, and especially those who are hospitalized for longer periods for one or other reasons need such facilities.

11. Harutyun Papazyan also requested to if possible increase awareness/education level of TB patients on possible side effects of anti TB medicines, as in his particular case he incurred loss of hearing in one ear as a result of Kanamycin administration and learned about it by chance.

12. Hasmik Harutyunyan said that the new program is not going to be radically different from the previous one, but the social support program has to apply different approaches. In particular home care for some TB patients –an estimated 80 at present in the republic is suggested as an additional component of the social support, and some new approaches such as replacement of food parcels with coupons where possible, inclusion of peer-education in health education sessions of TB patients, etc should be considered. Also active case detection among all contacts of patients is suggested to be expanded.

13. Tamara Hachyan responded positively saying that she herself warned her students after her TB diagnosis to be examined as she was really concerned about them being infected.

14. Some discussion among MSF, ARCS and NTP representatives took place on social support program issues.

15. Lusine Kocharyan supported the idea of looking critically at the existing program to enhance its efficiency.

16. Armen Hayrapetyan said that the evaluation of the current program and recommendations for future will be presented at the next CCM meeting on May 30.

17. Annabelle Djeribi asked for electronic versions of today’s presentations and promised to send additional thoughts and ideas on the new program directions.

The participants agreed on the need and expressed willingness to actively engage in the CN development process, share ideas through e-mails to the CCM secretariat and have the next meeting jointly with the international consultant Andrei Mashnyaga in the period of May 14-24, 2014.

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