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Oversight Body Meeting September 17, 2014

Republic of Armenia Country Coordinating Mechanism to fight HIV, tuberculosis and Malaria Oversight Body meeting

Minutes No. 2

Meeting venue: RA Ministry of Health

Meeting agenda:

  1. Oversight Body work plan development for 2014
  2. Revision of the reports of the meeting with PR/SR
  3. Other issues


  1. Anahit Papikyan, OSI Armenia
  2. Greta Khachatryan, Positive People Armenian Network NGO
  3. Victoria Avakova, UMCOR Armenia
  4. Lena Nanushyan, UNAIDS representative
  5. Astghik Grigoryan, USAID Armenia

Other participants

  1. Vardan Grigoryan, CCM secretary
  2. Marina Tiroyan, MOH GF PCT
  3. Hasmik Harutyunyan, MOH GF PCT

Meeting was organized in format of cooperative discussion with PR representative and CCM secretariat.

1. Vardan Grigoryan informed that endorsed Oversight Body (OB) plan of Armenia CCM includes annual workplan of OB, which foresees 2 meetings with PR/SRs and 2 site visits of OB members. Since July 17, 2014 when OB was established in current membership 2 meetings with PR and SR are implemented. He stated that forthcoming working plan is required to be developed and submitted to the CCM for endorsement.

Lena Nanushyan asked about how many meeting and site visits must be foreseen.

Vardan Grigoryan answered that following to the OB plan 2 site visits must be planned.

Lena Nanushyan noticed that OB has been formed in mid-2014, so the complete implementation of annual plan will be problematic.

Viktoria Avakova suggested planning a site visits for TB and HIV programs.

Astghik Grigoryan offered to implement those visits by two different teams of OB members simultaneously to ease the organization of activity. She also were interested if OB decisions have consequent operations.

Vardan Grigoryan clarified, that OB decisions and following recommendations/suggestions are presented at CCM meeting, which in its turn develops appropriate recommendations through discussions and voting.

Lena Nanushyan asked if there are ways to follow the implementation of recommendations.

Vardan Grigoryan answered that during the regular CCM meeting the review and discussion of the actions taken as well as the reasons of delay or issues will be carried out.

Viktoria Avakova asked secretariat to organize a meeting with the PR of HIV program first and then a site visit with the same program in order to understand it and to be prepared in sites.

Anahit Papikyan summarizing a discussion offered to plan a one meeting with “Mission East” organization and one site visit to “National Center for AIDS Prevention” or “Narcological Republican Center”.

Astghik Grigoryan asked to be provided programmatic reports prior to the meeting for reviewing.

OB members decided to:

Present OB working plan at CCM meeting with the following content:

2. OB members after clarification of some issues with Hasmik Harutyunyan through the cooperative discussion developed the final versions of reports of the meetings with PR and SR (attached to the minute).

OB asked CCM secretariat to translate OB reports into Armenian and to provide them to OB members for preparation of appropriate materials that will be presented at CCM upcoming meeting.

OB members decided that Anahit Papikyan will present the reports at CCM meeting.

3. Anahit Papikyan and Viktoria Avakova asked CCM secretariat to include in the agenda of upcoming CCM meeting and present there the letter of GF portfolio manager Valeria Grishechkina addressed to the Minister of Health, titled “Follow-up on the Global Fund mission to Armenia on 17-25 July 2014” and sent on 31.10.2014. OB members substantiated their request by the importance of the issues discussed in letter.

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