Minutes of Meetings: # 12

Meeting Date: October 3, 2014

Meeting Venue: RA MOH National Institute of Health

Meeting Chair:: V. Poghosyan, Deputy Minister of Health


CCM Members

  1. Vahan Poghosyan, Ministry of Health
  2. Anahit Muradyan, Ministry of Education and Science
  3. Stepan Barseghyan, Ministry of Territorial Administration
  4. Pavel Ghazaryan, Ministry of Finance
  5. Narine Karapetyan, RA Police
  6. Knar Ghonyan, Ministry of Health
  7. Roza Sekhleyan, RA MOH State Health Agency
  8. Varduhi Petrosyan, Associate Dean of the AUA School of Public Health, Ph..D.
  9. Greta Khachatryan, Positive People Armenian Network NGO
  10. Narine Igityan, “Protect children from TB” NGO
  11. Narine Vardapetyan, UMCOR Armenia
  12. Lusine Kocharyan, Armenian Red Cross Society
  13. Davit Amiryan, OSF Armenia
  14. Astghik Grigoryan, USAID
  15. Gayane Ghukasyan, WHO
  16. Raffi Doudaklian, Mission East
  17. Hasmik Harutyunyan, RA MOH GF Program Coordination Team
  18. Meri Khachikyan, For Family and Health Pan-Armenian Association
  19. Nina Harutyunyan, “Women’s Resource Center” NGO
  20. Mamikon Hovsepyan, “Public Information and Need for Knowledge” NGO

Other Participants

  1. Naira Khachatryan
  2. Lena Nanushyan, UNAIDS
  3. Narine Kostanyan, Mission East
  4. Arsen Aslanyan, GF LFA
  5. Fabien Neyrath, Embassy of France
  6. Samvel Grigoryan, NCAP
  7. Elen Galajyan, MOH GF PCT
  8. Astghik Berezovskaya, MOH GF PCT, CCM secretariat
  9. Marina Tiroyan, MOH GF PCT
  10. Maya Simonyan, MOH GF PCT
  11. Anna Harutyunyan, MOH GF PCT
  12. Vardan Grigoryan, CCM secretary

Meeting Agenda

1. Opening and approval of Meeting agenda. Management of Conflict of Interest

2. Publication of Oversight Body election results
3. Presentation of report of the Oversight Body meeting with PR and SR of the “Health System Strengthening” grant program
4. Discussion and approval of Oversight Body working plan project
5. Information about the processing of TB Concept Note submitted.
6. Presentation of timetable and preparatory workings for development of new HIV Concept Note
7. Discussion of suggested new structure of Armenia CCM
8. Other issues
9. Meeting wrap-up

Discussions and Resolutios

1. The regular meeting of Country Coordinating Mechanism for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria was opened by the Deputy Minister of Health V. Poghosyan.

He welcomed the participants and introduced the meeting agenda, which was approved by all present members of the CCM.

Then V. Poghosyan asked all CCM members to fill in COI declaration forms provided and to hand them to the CCM Secretariat.

V. Poghosyan instructed the CCM Secretariat to inform through appropriate letters the supervisors of absent members of CCM, representing the governmental sector.

The floor was given to the CCM Secretary Vardan Grigoryan.

2. Vardan Grigorian published the e-voting results (attached to the protocol), organized in June, 25 2014 in order to establish the composition of the Oversight Body.

3. Vahan Poghosyan said that Anahit Papikyan, representing the 3rd issue of agenda is on a business trip and excused unable to attend the meeting. He proposed to address this issue during next CCM meeting, which was endorsed by the CCM members.

4. The floor was given to Vardan Grigoryan, who presented the 2014 work plan of Oversight Body (attached to the protocol), developed by Oversight Body during the meeting in 17.09.2014.

Vahan Poghosyan proposed the attendees to approve the presented plan by voting.

As a result of voting the 2014 work plan of Oversight Body approved unanimously by all voting members of the CCM.

5. The floor was given to Hasmik Harutyunyan, who gave the information about the TB grant new application approval process. Specifically, she noted that approved by CCM members grant application in accordance with the planned on August 15 was submitted to the Global Fund, have been studied in detail by the GF Secretariat, correspondence has been circulated among the CCM members and partners, a number of different explanations / clarifications on the grant application different issues were expected by the GF, which were given complete and on time after the discussions with the Working Group on TB, after which the application is submitted to the GF Technical Review Panel. So far there are no further questions and we look forward to the end of the discussion. It is expected to get an opinion of the above mentioned Panel about the presented application during a month.

6. Floor was given to the Hasmik Harutyunyan who presented the timetable and preparatory workings for development of new HIV Concept Note (attached to the minute).

The attaché of French Embassy in Armenia Fabien Neyrath asked for the floor and gave information about French 5% initiative (attached to the minute).

7. Vahan Poghosyan suggested to the participants to discuss the new proposed structure of CCM (attached to the minute), which was formed by taking into account the views and suggestions received by the CCM Secretariat e-mail.

Varduhi Petrosyan noted that although the international expert’s claim that there should not be PR and SR representatives in the membership of CCM, the GF portfolio manager considers the presence of PR quite possible on the condition that it will not participate in the discussion of interests’ conflict containing issues and voting. In this context Varduhi Petrosyan proposed the NGO “Mission East” not to be excluded from the CCM membership. At the same time she welcomed increasing of local NGOs in the CCM structure.

Vahan Poghosyan agreed with the aforementioned, pointing out the experience of current CCM in efficient management of conflict of interests, and emphasized the necessity of 40% only local, non-governmental representation in the CCM structure.

Mamikon Hovsepyan asked for substantiation of inclusion of National Security Service (NSS) and exclusion of Ministry of Defense from the new structure of CCM.

Vahan Poghosyan clarified that in the newly forming CCM membership it is desirable to include those organizations and institutions, representatives of which will be willing to participate in CCM activities and meetings. About Ministry of Defense he noticed that they almost never been interested and participating and coming to NSS he stated that their participation is assumed in every extensive international program.

Astghik Grigoryan proposed to include those representatives from various departments who are willing to participate in CCM meetings and activities regularly.

Varduhi Petrosyan suggested not including the NSS in CCM structure.

Astghik Grigoryan considered that it is more appropriate to include the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, explaining the offer by the social packages providing service in the first and by the involvement in the HIV programs in the second department’s case.

Gayane Ghukasyan inquired whether the CCM staff should be composed of 30 members and if that number is subject to change.

Hasmik Harutyunyan clarified that no exact number is fixed now, but it is necessary to take note of expediency.

Vahan Poghosyan noted that even in the case of 29 members the attendance is not high and should be kept in mind how many of them attend regular in practice.

Gayane Ghukasyan noted that she welcomes the presence of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Immigration inspection and in terms of the ensuring PR representation in the CCM structure agreed to Varduhi Petrosyan.

Mary Khachikyan inquired what we mean by the Private sector.

Varduhi Petrosyan also asked for clarification on this issue.

Hasmik Harutyunyan clarified that it could be a private company, hotels, importers of medical devices and other private organizations which will support the program in any way.

Astghik Grigoryan asked whether it is possible to include the NGO that represents the interests of the privates in the Private sector.

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