Minutes of Meetings: # 8

Meeting Date: February 20, 2014

Meeting Venue: RA MOH National Institute of Health

Meeting Chair:: A. Babloyan, Deputy Minister of Health


CCM Members

  1. Arman Babloyan, Ministry of Health
  2. Pavel Ghazaryan, Ministry of Finance
  3. Hasmik Harutyunyan, RA MOH GF Program Coordination Team
  4. Tsaghik Vardanyan, Ministry of Health
  5. Gohar Panajyan, RA MOH State Health Agency
  6. Greta Khachatryan, Positive People Armenian Network NGO
  7. Victoria Avakova, UMCOR Armenia
  8. Narine Matevosyan, Armenian Red Cross Society
  9. Arax Hovhannisyan, World Vision Armenia
  10. Anahit Papikyan, OSF Armenia
  11. Gayane Ghukasyan, WHO
  12. Astghik Grigoryan, USAID
  13. Raffi Doudaklian, Mission East
  14. Meri Khachikyan, For Family and Health Pan-Armenian Association
  15. Elvira Meliksetyan, “Women’s Resource Center” NGO
  16. Mamikon Hovsepyan, “Public Information and Need for Knowledge” NGO

Other Participants

  1. George Sakvarelidze, Global Fund EECA Portfolio Manager
  2. Vira Zemlyanska, Global Fund EECA program officer
  3. Diana Petrosyan, MOH GF PCT
  4. Maya Simonyan, MOH GF PCT
  5. Marina Tiroyan, MOH GF PCT
  6. Kristine Khachatryan, MOH GF PCT
  7. Lilit Khachatryan, MOH GF PCT
  8. Anna Harutyunyan, MOH GF PCT
  9. Astghik Berezovskaya, MOH GF PCT, CCM secretariat
  10. Samvel Grigoryan, NCAP
  11. Yelena Amirkhanyan, Mission East
  12. Sona Orbelyan, Mission East
  13. Armen Hayrapetyan, NTCO
  14. Arsen Aslanyan, GF LFA
  15. Anahit Harutyunyan, Positive People Armenian Network NGO
  16. Ashog Gevorgyan, Men with Social Mission NGO
  17. Narek Galstyan, We For Civil Equality NGO
  18. Fabien Neyrath, Embassy of France
  19. Anush Sahakyan, World Vision Armenia
  20. Lusine Azoyan, New Generation Humanitarian NGO

Meeting Agenda

  1. Presentation of the Global Fund Grant Program Concept Note development and submission processes

Discussions and Resolutios

1. The Global Fund EECA Portfolio Manager George Sakvarelidze made a presentation on introduction of New Funding Model as well as Concept Note development and submission processes for the future Grant Programs.

After the Presentation The Global Fund EECA Portfolio representative Vira Zemlyanska presented the assessment methods for CCMs including self-assessment and external assessment on correspondence to CCM basic requirements under the New Funding Model.

Gayane Ghukasyan raised a question regarding the Requirement 2 and asked whether it considers changing any of the existing PRs.

George Sakvarelidze answered that the requirement does not envisage PR change. CCM is entitled to either leave the existing PRs or propose new PRs. In case CCM decides to leave the existing PRs the capacity assessment process realized by GF will be easier. In case there is a recommendation of PR changing a full scale assessment of the new PR will be realized. Besides, the CCM will also predetermine the SRs during grant proposal preparation stage.

Gayane Ghukasyan also asked whether the SRs should be defined and selected before Concept Note submission as it may require a longer process.

George Sakvarelidze answered that the Concept Note may particular SR’s if they are already selected, or nominate them conditionally indicating several potential SR’s among which the selection has to be undertaken with further clarification to happen by the end of the Concept Note evaluation.

George Sakvarelidze also mentioned about the importance of developing National Strategies and that NGO representatives may participate in investment case development on the basis of which the CN will be developed. The GF my provided up to 100 000 under the existing grant programs for assistance in developing National Programs or evaluation of the existing NP. These expenses can be made only if approved by CCM.

Victoria Avakova asked about CCM self-assessment methods, and who will carry out the assessment.

GF representatives replied that there is a special self-assessment tool available on GF website. Besides, there will be an external consultant that will carry out additional external assessment, review all CCM documentation, organize random interviews not only with CCM members, but also with other stakeholders such as the NGO sector representatives and find out their opinion on current CCM. Other details on CCM assessment may be clarified from GF secretariat and will be communicated with Armenia CCM in the nearest future.

Raffi Doudaklian asked whether any changes in current CCM are envisaged due to increased CCM role.

George Sakvarelidze answered that in case the CCM assessment reveals any significant problems certain changes may take place.

Meri Khachikyan said, that for the last 10 years “For Family and Health” Association carries out self-assessment along with external assessments. The self-assessment questionnaire is completed by a number of people followed by group discussions of the provided answers and the overall opinion of the entire group is presented. Besides and external assessment is realized by a consultant on annual basis.

Victoria Avakova mentioned that previously the issue of changing the NGO PR was discussed and it was recommended to replace the existing PR by a local organization with sufficient capacity. She asked, whether the GF gives preference to local organizations in PR selection process, or all possible options may be considered?

George Sakvarelidze replied that from the GF viewpoint UN or other international organizations are selected as PRs only in extreme cases, when there are no local organizations with sufficient capacities, since the GF gives preference to developing local capacities. With regard to Armenia he mentioned that PR change may be realized only if decided by CCM, and this decision should be well-grounded.

Samvel Grigoryan asked whether the recommendations made as a result of CCM assessment process are mandatory for implementation.

George Sakvarelidze answered that the recommendations concerning Criteria 1 and 2 should be fulfilled, as CCMs should meet those at the time of Concept Note submission. Concept Notes may be disqualified in case the Criteria 1 and 2 are not met. In case of any deviations from criteria 3-6 a work plan on elimination of these deviations is provided. Starting from January 1, 2015 all 6 requirements will be mandatory for all CCMs.

Hasmik Harutyunyan presented the current stage of new CCM Secretariat formation process informing that CCM Secretariat funding Agreement with the two-year budget of 98 000 USD has already been signed by the GF. She reminded that CCM Secretariat will be hosted by RA National Institute of Health. The job announcements for CCM Secretariat and Admin Assistant have already been posted on hr.am and RA MOH websites and their selection will be held in the nearest future.

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