Minutes of Meetings: # 13

Meeting Date: November 28, 2014

Meeting Venue: RA MOH National Institute of Health

Meeting Chair:: V. Poghosyan, Deputy Minister of Health


CCM Members

  1. Vahan Poghosyan, Ministry of Health
  2. Shushanik Ghukasyan, Ministry of Justice
  3. Stepan Barseghyan, Ministry of Territorial Administration
  4. Narine Karapetyan, RA Police
  5. Tsaghik Vardanyan, Ministry of Health
  6. Gohar Panajyan, RA MOH State Health Agency
  7. Zhenya Mayilyan (Greta Khachatryan alt.), “Real People Real World” NGO
  8. Viktoria Avakova, UMCOR Armenia
  9. Lusine Kocharyan, Armenian Red Cross Society
  10. Anahit Papikyan, OSF Armenia
  11. Astghik Grigoryan, USAID
  12. Narine Kostanyan , Mission East
  13. Hasmik Harutyunyan, RA MOH GF Program Coordination Team
  14. Nina Harutyunyan, “Women’s Resource Center” NGO
  15. Artur Potosyan, Armenian Center for Health Initiatives
  16. Mamikon Hovsepyan, “Public Information and Need for Knowledge” NGO


Other Participants

  1. Knar Khudoyan, epress.am
  2. Lena Nanushyan, UNAIDS
  3. Hovhannes Madoyan, “Real People Real World” NGO
  4. Anahit Harutyunyan, Positive People Armenian Network Social NGO
  5. Arsen Aslanyan, GF LFA
  6. Fabien Neyrath, Embassy of France
  7. Samvel Grigoryan, NCAP
  8. Larisa Minasyan, OSI
  9. Elen Galajyan, MOH GF PCT
  10. Astghik Berezovskaya, MOH GF PCT, CCM secretariat
  11. Maya Simonyan, MOH GF PCT
  12. Tatevik Kostanyan, CCM secretary
  13. Vardan Grigoryan, CCM administrative assistant

Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening and approval of Meeting agenda. Management of Conflict of Interest
  2. Presentation of report of the Oversight Body meeting with PR and SR of the “Health System Strengthening” grant program
  3. Presentation of report of the Oversight Body meeting with “Mission East” NGO
  4. Renewal of CCM current membership
  5. Discussion and endorsement of suggested new structure of Armenia CCM
  6. Other issues
  7. Meeting wrap-up

Discussions and Resolutios

1. The regular meeting of Country Coordinating Mechanism for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria was opened by the Deputy Minister of Health V. Poghosyan. He welcomed the participants and introduced the meeting agenda, which was approved by all present members of the CCM.

Then V. Poghosyan asked all CCM members to fill in COI declaration forms provided and to hand them to the CCM Secretariat.

He also introduced the new CCM Secretary Tatevik Kostanyan.

The floor was given to Anahit Papikyan.

2. Anahit Papikyan presented the report of the Oversight Body meeting with PR and SR of the “Health System Strengthening” grant program and (attached to the protocol).

Vahan Poghosyan expressed gratitude to the speaker and simultaneously informed those present that OB function is the revelation of shortcomings, improving the formulation of recommendations and the follow-up of recommendations implementation through CCM to PR, so instead of declarative statements, when about 3 years program is presented in 3 minutes, he suggested to develop a format through which the programs’ performance can be analyzed in detail and defects can be detected (amounts, conditions, facing challenges, problems solutions, documents confirmation), and to convene a meeting for the CCM reporting representation, not including the other issues in the agenda.

In particular, he asked whether the documents had been developed according to programs presented, approved and applied, as in case if the package of documents was developed during the past three years, and however not in use until now, then the work can be regarded as ineffective.

Hasmik Harutyunyan said that in the scope of the program development of a documents package, their discussion with stakeholders and further submission to the Ministry of Health has been intended by TOR of the aforementioned activities, but the endorsement of the documents itself in the form of governmental or ministerial decrees was not stipulated.

Summing up the above Vahan Poghosyan proposed to CCM to decide again by voting on what form the OB reports should be submitted to make them more inclusive, referred to details and not to be limited by programmatic data only.

Vahan Poghosyan then suggested that the OB would present his work schedule and reporting format which will enable CCM to see the full projects in depth, transparent and will help with decision-making.

Victoria Avakova asked about which was the OB role in the presence of audits and the project reports.

Vahan Poghosyan clarified that the GF has made its own assessment of the indicators and the components; the CCM via OB should summarize them and should make recommendations considering the country needs to make those programs more useful. The recommendations in OB reports the CCM Secretariat must formulate and submit to PR on behalf of CCM (in this case to the Ministry of Health) instead of accepting it for consideration.

As a result of discussions it was proposed that OB will develop a format for the presentation of reports, as well as its workplan for 2015.

The issue was put to the voting.

The proposal of development of the workplan for 2015 year and reports presentation standards by the OB until the next CCM meeting was unanimously adopted by voting of the present CCM members.

3. Vahan Poghosyan referring to the decision adopted little before noticed that the OB report included as a 3rd item in agenda can be presented in a new format and offered to remove it from the agenda and to introduce during subsequent meetings.

The proposal was put to voting.

By voting of members present CCM unanimously has decided to remove the 3rd item from the agenda.

4. Vahan Poghosyan informed that the membership of current CCM members is expiring and proposed to extend it for the period until new elections will be organized, which will take place after the approval of the new structure (the next item of agenda). It was proposed to discuss the 2-month extension option of the voting.

As a result of discussions it was proposed to extend CCM membership until the end of February 2015, taking into account the upcoming non-working first two weeks of January.

The issue was put to a vote.

As a result of voting 14 in favor and 2 abstentions the decision to extend the CCM membership until the end of February 2015 was approved by the CCM.

5. Vahan Poghosyan expressed that on the purpose of the new CCM structure approval during the previous meetings and through e-mail the discussions were organized and as a result of the discussions the latest version of the circulated document is presented to this meeting (attached to the protocol).

The floor was given to CCM Secretary Tatevik Kostanyan, who read the package of proposals formed as a result of cooperative discussion of NGOs and international organizations representatives, regarding to the CCM new structure (attached to protocol) and noted that in the new document presenting the CCM new structure were taken into account almost all comments/recommendations, in particular CCM staff was reduced of 37 to 30, number of international organizations was reduced and the representations of the United Nations and the Educational sector was decreased by 1.

It was suggested an approving through the voting a proposal on a new CCM to be composed of 30 members.

In a result of voting 12 in favor, 1 against and 2 abstentions, the decision on CCM to be composed of 30 members was approved by the CCM.

Then all the changes in the new CCM structure were discussed and voted.

As there was some disagreement of CCM members in particular about the government sector representation, so right after voting former CCM secretary Samvel Grigoryan took the floor. He expressed his concern about the definite mismatch between the modes of election of governmental and civil society representatives in that when for NGOs only the number of seats is agreed after which NGOs will organize their own elections among NGOs but for Government sector the entire CCM is choosing all representatives.

Samvel Grigoryan added that in the Global Fund’s recommendations it is referred that a CS sector shall be elected by its own constituency and through its internal procedures and that should be taken into consideration by the CCM. For the government sector there is no given requirement of elections. Previously, right from the beginning of CCM functioning, government itself was deciding on his representatives in CCM in complete conformity with GF guidelines confirmed by successful approvals of Grant proposals. He concluded that it would be right to establish a total number of seats for the government sector, and the government will decide which concerned state agencies should be present for effective action. He asked a CCM secretariat for comments regarding the issue mentioned.

Tatevik Kostanyan replied that regarding to the government sector there are no definite requirements, but in current situation the issue must be examined in more detail.

Vahan Poghosyan suggested ordering the CCM Secretariat to clarify the Global Fund recent guidelines, recommendations, as well as Armenian CCM regulations and the legal bases for the next meeting to make the principles of building a CCM composition compliant with all requirements.

As a result of voting the following structure of CCM was established:

  • Government: 9 places
  • ML/BL: 4 places
  • International NGOs: 3 places
  • Education/Science: 1 place
  • PLWD: 2 places
  • Private Sector: 1 place
  • Armenian Apostolic Church: 1 place
  • Principal Recipient: 2 places
  • Local NGOs: 7 places
  • Total: 30 places

The proposal was unanimously adopted by the voting of present members on CCM meeting.
6. The floor was given to Tatevik Kostanyan, who informed that the CCM web site was created and active at http://www.ccmarmenia.am domain. The site is in Armenian and English languages, where electronic versions of all circulating documents were uploaded. He also encouraged the audience to share the site observations and recommendations, emphasized that the current version is not yet final and is subject to changes and additions.

7. Vahan Poghosyan thanked the presents in the meeting for their participation and being active and the meeting was considered closed.

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