Minutes of Meetings: # 15

Meeting Date: April 10, 2015

Meeting Venue: RA MօH National Institute of Health

Meeting Chair:: V. Poghosyan, Deputy Minister of Health


CCM Members

  1. Vahan Poghosyan, RA Ministry of Health
  2. Sona Alaverdyan, RA Ministry of Justice
  3. Pavel Ghazaryan, RA Ministry of Finance
  4. Davit Karapetyan, RA Ministry of Territorial Administration
  5. Anahit Muradyan, RA Ministry of Education and Science
  6. Tsaghik Vardanyan, RA Ministry of Health
  7. Narine Karapetyan, RA Police
  8. Gohar Panajyan, RA Ministry օf Health State Health Agency
  9. Araqs Hovhannisyan, World Vision Armenia
  10. Nane Truzyan, American University of Armenia
  11. Gayane Ghukasyan, WHO
  12. Greta Khachatryan, Positive People Armenian Network Social NGO
  13. Lusine Kocharyan, Armenian Red Cross Society
  14. Astghik Grigoryan, US Agency for International Development
  15. Raffi Doudaklian, Mission East
  16. Viktoria Avakova, UMCOR Armenia
  17. Hasmik Harutyunyan, RA MoH Global Fund Program Coordination Team Manager
  18. Anahit Papikyan, Open Society Foundations Armenia
  19. Karine Azatyan, “Family Health Care Network” NGO
  20. Nina Harutyunyan, “Women’s Resource Center” NGO
  21. Lusine Ghazaryan, “Public Information and Need for Knowledge” NGO

Other Participants

  1. Sona Orbelyan, Mission East
  2. Narine Kostanyan, Mission East
  3. Davit Zakaryan, Mission East
  4. Sam Tadevosyan, “Real World Real People” NGO
  5. Sergey Gabrielyan, New Generation NGO
  6. Arman Sahakyan, New Generation NGO
  7. Lena Nanushyan, UNAIDS
  8. Tatevik Grigoryan, RA Ministry of Health
  9. Arsen Aslanyan, UNOPS
  10. Tatevik Kostanyan, CCM secretary

Meeting Agenda

  • Opening and approval of Meeting agenda. Management of Conflict of Interest on the issues to be discussed.
  • Concise presentation of HIV/AIDS grant application development process.
  • Presentation of financial resources available for HIV/AIDS grant.
  • Presentation of the initial assessment of the Principal Recipient /Recipients/ of the HIV/AIDS grant program.
  • Determination of the Principal Recipient /Recipients/ of the HIV/AIDS grant program.
  • Other issues
  • Meeting wrap-up.

Discussions and Resolutios

1. The regular meeting of Country Coordinating Mechanism for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Programs was opened by the Deputy Minister of Health V. Poghosyan. He welcomed the participants and introduced the meeting agenda, which was approved unanimously.

Poghosyan asked all the CCM members to fill-in the Conflict of Interest declaration forms in accordance with the bylaws, and pass them to CCM Secretariat.

Then the floor was given to the CCM secretary, Tatevik Kostanyan.

2. Tatevik Kostanyan in her introductory speech greeted the participants and presented the activities implemented during the period from the meeting held on February 18 to April 10, in particular, a working group was formed, where one of the proposed participants, Youth Foundation, has responded approximately one and a half months later, when the working group has already had 8 meetings, out of which 5 were with the participation of international experts, and the Concept Note development process was almost finished. Several issues arose during the working process of the group, and in order to clarify the position of the Global Fund, CCM Secretariat was assigned to send a letter to Valeria Grishechkina. Tatevik Kostanyan briefly introduced the main points of the response of Valeria Grishichkina (the letter is attached). Concluding her speech CCM secretary noted that the deadlines are strict and, when making a decision, the CCM members should take into account this fact.

Lena Nanushyan asked whether the share of the state participation in the presented program was clarified. Vahan Poghosyan answered that according to the agreements between Global Fund representatives Valeria Grishichkina, Nikolas Kantau and Davit Harutyunyan - the Chief of RA Government Staff - Minister, as well as Mishel Kazatchkine-United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and Vache Gabrielyan- Deputy Prime-Minister, RA Ministry of Health and RA Ministry of Finance were assigned by the Prime Minister to calculate and submit the planned budget changes to the Government for approval, where the share and directions of the state participation by years will be exactly determined.

Summarizing, Vahan Poghosyan urged the participants to take into account the opinions of international experts and portfolio manager when making their decisions.

3. Then the floor was given to Hasmik Harutyunyan, RA MoH Global Fund Program Coordination Team Manager, to present the third point of the agenda. The speaker presented the amounts of money to be transferred from the previous program to the present one and reduced from TB grant program and given to HIV/AIDS program. She presented in details the budget formulation of the Concept Note (the table is attached). It was proposed to take into account H.Harutyunyan’s speech.

4. The floor was given to Arshak Papoyan, the Head of the Working Group, who presented a summary of the work carried out by the group, the main directions, comparative assessments of the current Principal Recipients, as well as the assessment received from the Global Fund during the years of the program implementation. He also introduced the steps required to complete the package. It was proposed to take into
account Arshak Papoyan’s speech, too.

5. Vahan Poghosyan proceeded to the next point of the agenda. He noted that in the determination of the Principal Recipient, the Global Fund guidelines and approaches, that are briefly presented in the Valeria Grishechkina’s letter, must be clearly followed. Astghik Grigoryan noted that the current Principal Recipients have been working effectively for many years, and there is no need to replace them. The same idea was expressed by the leaders of the New Generation NGO and Mission East NGO. Chairperson of the meeting agreed with the speakers and proposed to vote whether by an open voting or by a closed secret voting to determine the Principal Recipients. 20 CCM members took part in the voting.

As a result of voting: 19 – in favor, 1 – abstention, it was decided to elect the Principal Recipient/ Recipients by a closed secret voting. Afterwards, it was proposed to elect a Counting Committee. As a result the following composition of the Counting Committee was approved unanimously:

  • Anahit Muradyan - RA Ministry of Education and Science
  • Astghik Grigoryan - USAID
  • Tatevik Kostanyan - CCM secretary

Then the question of continuing the work with the current Principal Recipients was put to voting. Because of the considerations of Conflict of Interest, the representatives of the Principal Recipients did not take part in the voting – 5 members. 16 CCM members, out of 21 CCM members present in the hall, took part in the voting.

As a result of voting: 15 – in favor, 1 – against, it was decided to continue the work with the current Principal Recipients.

Next, the question of appointing one Principal Recipient of a grant proposal, was put to voting.

As a result of voting: 12 – against, 1 – abstention, the issue was rejected.

Next, the recognition of the Ministry of Health and Mission East as the Principal Recipients of the presented grant, was put to voting.

During the voting from 16 members present at the meeting, and eligible to vote, 18 ballots were received. The Commission found out that two ballots were from the previous voting.

The issue was approved by the results: 15 – in favor, 1 – abstention, 2 - not valid.

Summarizing the results of the meeting, Vahan Poghosyan noted that the issue of recognizing Youth Foundation as Principal Recipient was rejected as a result of CCM votings during the previous meeting.

6. The chairman of the meeting drew the attention of the participants to the fact that many CCM members send various representatives instead of them, whom CCM members do not know, and they are not well aware of the issues under debate. He urged CCM members to take into account this remark for their future work.

7. Vahan Poghosyan thanked the members present in the meeting for their participation and being active, and the meeting was considered closed.

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