Minutes of Meetings: # 14

Meeting Date: February 18, 2015

Meeting Venue: RA MօH National Institute of Health

Meeting Chair:: V. Poghosyan, Deputy Minister of Health


CCM Members

  1. Vahan Poghosyan, Ministry of Health
  2. Gegham Pashinyan, Ministry of Defense
  3. Pavel Ghazaryan, Minsitry of Finance
  4. Davit Karapetyan, Ministry of Territorial Administration
  5. Anahit Muradyan, Ministry of Education and Science
  6. Tsaghik Vardanyan, Ministry of Health
  7. Narine Karapetyan, Police
  8. Sona Alaverdyan, Ministry of Justice
  9. Gohar Panajyan, State Health Inspectorate
  10. Anush Sahakyan, World Wision Armenia
  11. Varduhi Petrosyan, AUA
  12. Gayane Ghukasyan, WHO
  13. Greta Khachatryan, Armenian Network of Positive People NGO
  14. Lusine Kocharyan, ARCS
  15. Astghik Grigoryan, USAID
  16. Raffi Dudaklian, Mission East
  17. Viktoria Avakova, UMCOR Armenia
  18. Hasmik Harutyunyan, MOH GF PCT
  19. Anahit Papikyan, OSF
  20. Meri Khachikyan, Family Health Protection Complex NGO
  21. Nina Harutyunyan, Women’s Resource Center NGO
  22. Mamikon Hovsepyan, Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO


Other Participants

  1. Nicolas Cantau, GF Regional Director
  2. Valeria Grishechkina, GF FPM
  3. Knar Khudoyan, epress.am
  4. Hovhannes Manukyan, Real World Real People NGO
  5. Sergey Gabrielyan, New Generation NGO
  6. Fabien Neyrat, French Embassy
  7. Lena Nanoushyan, UNAIDS
  8. Narine Kostanyan, Mission East NGO
  9. Arsen Aslanyan, UNOPS
  10. Samvel Grigoryan, NCAP
  11. Mihran Sevumyan, MOH GF PCT
  12. Tatevik Kostanyan, CCM secretary

Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening and approval of Meeting agenda Management of Conflict of Interest
  2. Initiation of Country Dialogue for the NFM HIV CN development
  3. Establishment of working group for development of new HIV Concept Note
  4. Discussion of potential PRs for implementation of new HIV grant
  5. Renewal of CCM current membership
  6. Legal analysis of voting on the CCM structure held 28.11.14
  7. Other issues
  8. Closing Remarks

Discussions and Resolutios

1. The Deputy Minister of Healthcare V. Poghosyan opened the regular session of the commission coordinating the activities against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Deputy Minister welcomed the participants and presented the changes made in the agenda, hence one question has been added to the agenda. It was proposed to clarify the third issue of the agenda whether the selection or the discussion of the Principal Recipient is expected. As a result, the agenda was approved in a unanimous vote of the session.

V. Poghosyan asked all the present members of CCM to fill in the forms of existence/absence of the conflict of interest and pass them to the CCM Secretariat according to the regulations.

V. Poghosyan informed the participants that the meeting was attended by Nicolas Cantau, Regional Manager of The Global Fund in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Valeria Grishechkina, Portfolio Manager of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Afterwards the floor was given to Hasmik Harutyunyan.

2. Hasmik Harutyunyan greeted the participants and informed that the dialogue in the framework of developing new grant application in the country had already started. The reasearches on the investment efficienty supported by UNAIDS will be the basis of the preparation of the proposal. The 2nd main document on which the proposal will be based is the comprehensive evaluation of the national program of fight against HIV/AIDS implemented in Armenia by the support of WHO. The preliminary results of the evaluation have already been presented during the round table discussions.

By the support of French initiative the experts were chosen; David Berrouz and Anastasia Marchuk; they will provide support to the working group in the application development process during their three visits.

It was proposed and accepted in a unanimous vote to take into consideration the speech of Hasmik Harutyunyan.

3. Vahan Poghosyan briefly presented the situation of the AIDS grant in process and the preaparation of the grant proposal, stating the main directions of the current and future grants.

V. Poghosyan informed the participants that in the morning of February 18th a meeting took place between the representatives of the Global Fund Nicolas Cantau, Valeria Grishechkina and Davit Harutyunyan, the Minister - Chief of Government Staff of RA. During the meeting a number of issues were discussed including the status of the agreement between the Global Fund and the government and the question of increasing the participation of the country in case if the financial resources provided by the Global Fund for AIDS are decreased. In particular, he noted that in the AIDS prevention programs the drugs and methadone for childrens’ care will be obtained by the state budgetary means, the works among immigrants will be realized in the framework of the Russian program.

By concluding his speech, V. Poghosyan urged the CCM members to consider that information while forming a working group and discussing the Principal Recipient.

Valeria Grishechkina also delivered a speech and briefly introduced the minimum requirements to the Working Group.

Then, the candidacies for working groups were proposed.

After the discussions, the following members of the Working Group were suggested.

1.Anahit Papikyan

2.Lena Nanoushyan

3.Sergey Gabrielyan

4.Sona Orbelyan

5.Lusine Kocharyan

6.Hovhannes Madoyan

7.Arshak Papoyan

8.Ruben Hovhannisyan

9.Trdat Grigoryan

10.Marina Tiroyan

11.Anush Sahakyan

12. A representative of the Armenian Youth Foundation

The proposed candidate Anush Sahakyan refused to be involved in the Working group after discussing the issue with her organization’s management. The representative of OSI Anahit Papikyan asked for time to precise the issue with her directorate. It was suggested to give time for answer to the “Youth Foundation of Armenia” NGO too.

By the results of the vote “For”- 9, “Against” - 5, “Abstain” – 4, the working group members were approved. Anahit Papikyan and the representative of “Youth foundation of Armenia” NGO will be included in the working group after giving their consent (On February 19th the CCM Secretariat got the consent from Anahit Papikyan): Hence, the following staff of the Working Group was formed.

1.Anahit Papikyan - OSF

2.Lena Nanoushyan - UNAIDS

3.Sergey Gabrielyan- New Generation NGO

4.Sona Orbelyan- Mission East

5.Lusine Kocharyan- ARCS

6.Hovhannes Madoyan- Real World Real People NGO

7.Arshak Papoyan- NCAP

8.Ruben Hovhannisyan -NCAP

9.Trdat Grigoryan-NCAP

10.Marina Tiroyan- MOH GF PCT

4. The chairman of the meeting V. Poghosyan passed to the next question of the agenda. The CCM secretary T. Kostanyan introduced the proposals on the selection of Principal Recipient of the grant presented to the secretariat. So far, there are three suggestions.

1. To keep the current Principal Recipients; Ministry of Healthcare for the state sector

“Mission East” NGO for the public sector.

2. To assign one more Principal Recipient - Ministry of Healthcare

3. To keep the same Ministry of Healthcare as Pricipal Recipient for the state sector and to assign “Youth foundation of Armenia” NGO for the public sector.

The CCM members posed several questions particularly on the suggestion to choose “Youth foundation of Armenia” NGO as Principal Recipient (PR). The Portfolio Manager of the Global Foundation Valeria Grishechkina clarified the issue by stating that taking in consideration that currently acting grant program there are two Principal Recipients with constant positive performance assessments in the former period of grant implementation the CCM may vote on continuing the NFM grant programs witout changing the Principal Recipients. If however there are reasons for changing the current Principal Recipeints and if those reasons are justified the CCM can take a decision on changing the PR’s. In the latter case the CCM shouls announce an open tender.

Afterwards it was discussed the question of acknowledging one Principal Recipient instead of two.

The head of “Mission East” NGO Raffi Doudaklian also delivered a speech and informed the participants that the “Mission East-Denmark” NGO was ready to apply as “Mission East-Armenia” NGO. And this will allow to avoid unnecessary expenses. He stated also that was is important to keep the independence of NGO-s from the government levers. Besides he mentioned that their organization is implementing other programs of 60 million USD total value, received from different countries, thus the it is not appropriate ti talk about outflow of funds from Armenia in case of Mission East.

The meeting participants raised a number of other questions about the organization of activities of the Principal Recipient and sub-recipients, in particular on that the Ministry of Health has no experience of working with NGO’s, that under the current contractual procedures of MOH there are problems of timely transfer of funds to SR’s, also on that the NGO’s are involved with special groups of population, which under the existing political circumstances raises concern on chances of allocation of subgrants by the governmentalal entity to NGO’s working with IDU’s or CW’s.

Deputy Minister V. Poghosyan answered those questions and stated that the Ministry of Healthcare had sufficient experience and abilities to work with NGOs and successful experience of many years in working directly with NGOs in the Tuberculosis program of the Global Fund. He noted also that, one way or another, after three years the state should take over all the programs implemented by the Global Fund, and it is needed to prepare for it today.

As the participants of the meeting raised numerous and various suggestions and discussions, Valeria Grishechkina suggested to postpone the discussion of the Principal Recipient.

The vote has unanimously adopted that the issue of the Principal Recipient will be discussed at the presentation of grant proposal by the Working group.

5. The next question of the agenda was about the working period of current CCM staff.

In the result of vote, it was adopted unanimously to prolongue the authorities of the CCM members till the 1st of June.

6. The next question of the agenda was introduced by Tatevik Kostanyan, who presented the legal analisys of votes on CCM new staff that had taken place during the previous meeting /it is attached/. It was suggested to review and confirm the CCM new regulations taking into account the presented analisys.

The proposition to review the CCM regulations was adopted by the vote results of “For”-17, Abstain – 2.

7. Vahan Poghosyan expressed his gratitude to the meeting attendees for the active participation in the meeting and announced the session closed.

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